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History of Spring Grove Residents’ Association
  • 1981 - The Association was formed and registered as one of the 43 Residents’ Associations in the London Borough of Hounslow. Objectives were the same as currently stated in our annual invitations to join or resubscribe as members (see What we do). The Association began examining planning applications which might affect residents. In particular, during its first year, the association had to enlist the help of the Council in stopping offensive and sometimes dangerous behaviour of visitors to the Spring Grove Trading Estate. We caused preservation orders to be made on lime trees on the Spring Grove Road side of grounds of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul and had registered with the Fire Brigade Central Risk Register possible asbestos problems on the Spring Grove Trading Estate.
  • 1984 - Opposed proposals for Heathrow T4, which at that time was also opposed by BAA and major political parties.
  • 1985 - Attended T4 enquiry. Joined Police Liaison Committee and Neighbourhood Watch.
  • 1985/6 - On our instigation the Council gave notice to quit to Heathrow Engines behind the old Tudor Parade on London Road, now Richens Close, on the grounds that noises and smells accompanying their activities were substantially offensive to residents at the southern end of Worton Way.
    On appeal against notice to quit, a government inspector attended a public meeting and upheld the notice to quit issued by Hounslow Council. We opposed Wates’ property development plan involving farmland and sports areas adjoining the National Trust owned Osterley Park. We joined the Osterley Park Action Group (OPAG) which consisted of all the Residents’ Associations surrounding the area and whose objective was supported by the Boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing. We had two representatives on the OPAG committee.
  • 1995 - Following sale by auction of Spring Grove Trading Estate and a planning application for its overdevelopment, we organised a meeting for all members of the public concerned and subsequently formally opposed the planning application which was then refused. Attended T5 enquiry. Car on pavement
  • 1996 - Indian Gymkhana club’s new hockey pitch had been provided with lighting directly affecting Burlington Road residents. We objected, but it eventually appeared that Hounslow Council had already approved the unsatisfactory lamp standards and shading of the floodlights.
  • 1998 - We obtained formal permission from Hounslow Council for vehicles to be partially parked on the footway of Worton Gardens in order to permit unrestricted passage of fire engines and rubbish carts.
    Laing’s proposal to build houses and flats plus a Medical Centre on the site of Spring Grove School campus were the subject of many meetings by our committee with Councillors Barbara Reid and Peter Carey and the “Spring Grove Action Group” representing Thornbury Road and London Road.
  • 2000/1 - Representatives of Worton Way and The Drive joined in consultation with Hounslow Council regarding possible Controlled Parking Zone.
    Graffiti on street furniture Organised “Spring Clean” clean-up of shrubbery in Spring Grove Road and surrounding streets and local junk collection with committee and volunteer residents led by Lynn Alford-Burow.
    For several years we had been in touch with Hounslow Council and later NHS following builder Laing’s refusal to accept responsibility for construction of a Medical Centre in Thornbury Road. Finally construction of this project commenced.
  • 2006/7 - Pursued Thames Water on behalf of our residents who had been affected by overflows of foul sewage and surface water drainage.
  • 2008/10 - Supported Campion Concerns in their efforts to achieve an acceptable development of Campion House site. Petitioned LBH to introduce double yellow lines at the junction of Spring Grove Road with Witham Road and The Drive.
  • 2010/11 - Took part in library closure plans for Osterley Library. Launched our website.
  • 2011/12 - Responded to consultations on Heathrow airport and Hounslow town centre.
  • 2012/13 - Participated in consultations on the future Police and Crime Plan, on Shaping a Healthier Future and taken part in the aircraft Noise Mapping project.

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